Утилизация металлолома 3А (ООО "ТМС-Логистика")

Лот № 1 - Утилизация металлолома 3А (ООО "ТМС-Логистика") развернуть
Initial (maximum) contract price
5,937,690 руб.
General info
Procurement number
Type of procurement placement
Объявление о продаже
Electronic trading platform
Link to the purchase procedure on the electronic trading platform
Date of posting notice
17 February 2021 г., 08:34
Date of placement of the current version of the notice (according to the local time of the customer)
17 February 2021 г., 08:34
Name of company
УК ООО "ТМС групп"
TIN / Code if reason
1644034949 / 164401001
Procurement schedule
End date and time for submission of tenders
25 Feb 2021 г., 23:23